Promoting independence in young learners

In the primary sector, we often say that we are “learning to read in Key Stage One, and in Key Stage Two, “we read to learn.” We believe that it is most appropriate to start the Performing Learning® curriculum in Key Stage Two. This means that we can help to promote independence in the learners by encouraging them to read our material, to learn HOW they can perform better in school. The curriculum is modular and can be taught over 3, 6 or 9 months.

Introducing core skills

We are focused on introducing and gaining core skills such as time management and memory. Learners improve their information processing skills, improve their information retention skills and reduce stress and anxiety through dedicated lessons.

Each lesson combines curriculum content ranging from our Performance Learning Maths Curriculum to specific subject lessons. From training and accrediting teachers, to placing one of our qualified Performance Learning Primary Teachers in your school, there are multiple ways to implement and capitalise on our wide range of lessons.

Performance Learning - tracking and reporting

Helping Year 6 pupils with SATs preparation and transition to secondary education

Performance Learning 30-Day Challenge

Teaching pupils to manage emotions and strengthening their resilience

Year 6 is a vital year in the learners academic journey as a key exam year and a transition year into “big school”. Their Performance Learning journey is heavily focused on ensuring their retention and recollection skills are as strong as possible.

We want their stress and anxiety levels towards the tests to be in control, that they are getting enough sleep and feel confident in their core skills and subjects.

We teach pupils ways to remain calm and relaxed about the tests they have to endure. We teach methods for revising and we give them strategies for working within time limits (particularly in preparation for tests).

We help them with their sleep pattern so that they are at their best in order to perform to their optimum. We give them exercises to help manage their emotions, which in Year 6, can feel very extreme at times.

Unique in how we help pupils prepare for revision and tests

Offering support and instilling confidence in young learners

Year 6 pupils have a lot of access to revision material, which their parents can buy for them or their teachers can provide from school resources.

This material is mainly focused on content and exposure to the style of tests, which they’re going to be completing. Our approach is to help them learn HOW to prepare them to tackle tests and revision, accompanied with WHAT to revise – through our collaboration with you as the school.

Pupils realise very early on that the Performance Learning Curriculum is going to support them and teach them techniques which will help them to perform to their highest potential.

With this knowledge, they feel confident and positive about the intense workload and external demands. They also appreciate the fact that these skills are going to help them to start their new school next year and will also help them to be the independent learners they need to be at secondary school. They become resilient young people, which does wonders for their confidence.

Instilling life skills and making education enjoyable AND successful

Performance Learning helps learners improve their performance and progress through this stage of their education. It is also there to impart the life skills they need to move on from the primary to the secondary phase.

Throughout all of this, the children learn life skills and they also learn HOW they can make their education a lot more enjoyable and successful.

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