Blending innovative technology with tried and tested methodology

Developed over nine years and deployed from Primary to Higher Education, Performance Learning helps students to understand more about themselves, from their sleep through, how they retain information to how best to handle examinations.

A series of cutting-edge assessments predict, monitor and evaluate student performance. The Performance Learning Curriculum is then delivered through a combination of online, face-to-face and cloud-based learning via trained tutors on Performance Learning’s sophisticated digital platform. Performance Learning is proven to boost grade performance.

Retaining Information

Recalling and retaining subject specific information.

Problem Solving

Learning how to transform complex problems into simple solutions.

SATs Preparation

Helping pupils to prepare both academically and emotionally for the SATs.

Mental Health

Reducing anxiety and helping to prevent mental overload.

Time Management

Starting to learn to manage and take control of their time more effectively.

Sleep & Wellbeing

Learning good sleep routines and preventing burnout.

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